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Metal Gear Cosplay

Metal Gear Solid Cosplay
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This community is dedicated to those Metal Gear fans who love to cosplay as their favorite Metal Gear character. Or for those fans who have seen Metal Gear cosplayers and want to post pictures.

Now for the rules: BE RESPECTFUL!!! The main rule that I can't emphasis enough!!! Be respectful of others costumes, be respectful of sewing abilities, just be respectful of others feelings. If I see or hear about people getting flamed, I will be on the war path and Volgin seem like a sane person. So don't flame anyone on here. Save the trash talk for your own personal diary cause I don't wanna see it, period!

Next rule: Please try to be mindful of the size of your photos, if you have a big photo just put it under lj cut. In fact, if it can be helped, please put all photos under lj cut.

The next rule: Cosplay is for everyone. So any and everyone who is a Metal Gear cosplayer or an admirer of Metal Gear cosplay is more then welcome here.

And the rule after that: If you're going to cosplay at an anime convention let the community know so we can take pics of you and post it here. If you're on the East coast, more then likely I'll be at some convention or another, hunting you down with my camera, begging for pictures.

The rule following that rule: If you have taken photos of other Metal Gear cosplayers, please say where you saw this person and if at all possible tell their name.

Oh a mini-rule: If you have tips on how to make Metal Gear costumes or where to get accessories for Metal Gear cosplay feel free to post.

And the last rule, be respectful. I know I've said this already, but I'm serious. No flaming allowed! Ever!!!

Penalties for breaking any of the above rules: Well, the first few times I'll be lax. We all make mistakes right? But blatant repeat offenders will have their posts removed and if you're getting too out of hand, you'll be removed and then you'll shift me into rant mode. I don't wanna go down that sad path (nor do you) so just adhere to the rules and we'll get along fine.

Otherwise have fun and take lots of pictures!